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Spring is in the air.

Next week, I'm heading out of town to enjoy a Midwest spring break. I'll be lolling in the sunshine by Lake Michigan, enjoying the wafting scent of jasmine and long, balmy walks by the lake.

In my dreams. This Californian girl is packing her thermals, ready for numbingly icy winds and frozen slushies falling from the sky.

Bottom line is, I won't be doing my regular blog and email newsletter. Instead, I've got a "best of" collection for you: the three most-read blogs I've written in the past year.

  1. An editor tells: these are the kinds of authors I want. The inside scoop from Simon & Schuster senior editor Yahdon Israel.

  2. More sell, less tell. The catastrophic error to avoid in your book proposal.

  3. Is self-publishing your fallback plan? 8 signs that you're ready to (and should) self-publish your nonfiction book.

See you in a week or so!

For a free copy of my guide, “6 Steps to Writing a Book Proposal That Sells,” visit my website and scroll to the Sign Up for Your Free Download panel.


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