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How to Write a Book Proposal for Your Memoir

If you want to land a publishing deal for your memoir, there is one thing you need: a standout book proposal to submit to literary agents and editors.

Daunting, right?

You might be wondering:

  • How can I find a publisher for my memoir?

  • What even IS a book proposal?

  • Can’t I just send in my manuscript?

  • What are agents and editors looking for?

  • How can I make my memoir stand out?

All of these questions—and so much more—will be answered in this on-demand webinar. Hosted by two acclaimed writers and editors, it cuts through the confusion so that you can convince agents and editors to fall in love with your memoir concept.

This webinar is your chance to step away from the daily grind and benefit from valuable industry insights that will bring you closer to landing the publishing deal of your dreams.


Who should attend?

  • Writers with a partial memoir manuscript completed, wondering if they should write a book proposal

  • Memoirists who have a first draft completed, but are not sure what to do next

  • Writers who have started to create a memoir book proposal but need advice

In this in-depth conversation, your hosts Joanne and Sally will answer the questions that are on your mind.
How does it work?

The webinar is pre-recorded. When you register, you will receive a link to the video and audio files, and an edited transcription.


Joanne Spataro is a writer, ghostwriter, and writing teacher living in New York City. She’s the author of Preconceptions, a memoir about her queer and trans fertility (available on Audible). Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, Vice, and The Huffington Post. She’s the founder of Memoirish, a quarterly program that helps new and seasoned writers find their voice through class feedback and writing prompts. 

With 20+ years’ experience in book publishing, Sally Collings knows what makes a great book proposal—and how to write them. Former non-fiction publisher for HarperCollins and editorial director for Amber Books, Sally now works as a ghostwriter and developmental editor, specializing in nonfiction book proposals and manuscripts. Her author clients have published with HarperBusiness, St. Martin’s Press, Simon & Schuster, and Chronicle Books. Born in Australia, Sally now calls Northern California home, and gets her kicks running through the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Sally Collings, former non-fiction publisher for HarperCollins and editorial director for Amber Books


“Sally’s ability to organize, structure, perfect and polish my stories with ease was astonishing. I ended up as a fan of her incredible talent.”

—Shane Jacobson, actor & bestselling author

Are you ready to attend the webinar How to Write a Book Proposal for your Memoir?



Is this a live event?


No, the webinar is pre-recorded so you can watch it at your convenience. Think of it like an exclusive, podcast-style event.

I've started drafting my memoir proposal. Can I send it to you to review?


If you would like individual feedback on your proposal, please contact us via the website, and Joanne or Sally will be in touch with you to discuss our additional consulting services.

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