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Through a series of interviews, I learn about you: your vision, message, and publication goals. Together, we outline your book. Then, I bring my expertise, creativity, and care to the page to create a quality manuscript.

What we produce:


Whether you are seeking a traditional publishing deal or setting your sights on self-publishing, your manuscript must outshine the competition. My ghostwriting services will equip you to reach this goal.


I work with you to clarify your message, elevate your style and voice, establish scenes and stories, set creative and practical objectives, and establish a plan for completing your manuscript.


The end goal is a powerful, high-quality manuscript of up to 70,000 words that is ready for self-publishing or submission to your publisher.

Together, we’ll transform your manuscript from acceptable to amazing.

Through a series of conversations, I learn about your message. If your manuscript exists, I read it; if it hasn’t been written yet, I help you chart it. We determine the purpose of your book, write an outline, and draw out its most marketable themes. I use this information to ensure each section of your book proposal is written in a way that authentically represents your voice and appeals to top agents and editors.

What we produce:


To get a deal with one of the leading publishers, you’ll need to submit a book proposal that presents your concept, audience, profile, and approach. The goal of a proposal is to convince the publication team that your book is both high-quality and marketable. 


Exceptional publishers demand exceptional proposals. They seek remarkable ideas told in new ways, showcasing a distinct voice and an original structure filled with triumphs, failures, revelations, and insights from authors at the top of their game who have a magnetic appeal to readers.


My point: average won’t cut it.


Together, we will create a superior proposal that gets your concept the attention it deserves.


My proposals have been represented by top literary agencies and acquired by world-leading publishers such as HarperCollins and St. Martin’s Press, as well as quality independent publishers such as Andrews McMeel and Post Hill Press. Publishers require exceptional proposals, and I know how to deliver an exceptional product in as little as twelve weeks.

Together, we’ll set out to land multiple offers from literary agents and leading publishers.

From the spark of a concept to the final printed book, I offer comprehensive book creation guidance. Are you deciding whether to purse traditional, hybrid, or self-publishing? Do you want to create a limited-edition book for your family, business successors, or investors? I can guide you each step of the way.

What we produce:


If you are ready to weave your narrative into the fabric of your family or organization, I can work with you every step of the way. We will trace your journey, pinpoint your enduring values, and identify the turning points that explain how you overcame obstacles. From writing the manuscript to guiding you through the production process, I will apply my publishing expertise to create a book that honors your vision.


Some books are private, never intended to be read by a wide audience. Their purpose is to celebrate a journey, bolster values, instill pride, celebrate a family’s legacy, and empower future generations. If that is your goal, I will ensure you have a limited-edition book that you can share with your close circle.


For those interested in a simpler “oral history” compilation, I can also prepare polished, collated transcripts based on a series of in-depth interviews.

Together, we will write the next chapter of your business or family story.


Want to write a non-fiction book or proposal but don’t know where to start?

See my online courses on how to write non-fiction with confidence.

Book Creation Consultant

The best nonfiction books are the result of a great collaboration.

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