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Sally Collings Book Ghostwriter Editor

Working Together

Sally Collings Ghostwriter San Francisco California

The books I excel at have something to say about innovation, persistence, character, and connection.


About Me

With 20+ years in book publishing, I know what makes an outstanding manuscript and book proposal—and I know how to create them. Former non-fiction publisher for HarperCollins and editorial director for Amber Books, I now work as a ghostwriter, specializing in non-fiction manuscripts and book proposals.


In 2007, I wrote my first book, and pivoted from traditional publishing to ghostwriting. These days, I focus specifically on leadership memoirs as well as books that promote cultural and personal change.


My clients are represented by a number of agencies, including Park & Fine Literary & Media, Talcott Notch Literary, The Palgon Company, and Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. Some have published with HarperBusiness, St. Martin’s Press, Simon & Schuster, and Chronicle Books, while others have successfully self-published their books or worked with hybrid publishers.


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Early in my career, my job as an assistant editor at HarperCollins was to sift through the slush pile of manuscripts and book proposals to find a diamond in the rough. I reviewed hundreds of submissions, rarely reading more than one page before deciding it wasn’t impressive enough to pass along to my boss.


Every submission I read left me with an intense desire to fix things.


At the time, I did no such thing. 


Today, however, I do precisely that.


As an author development specialist, I speak with clients seeking every avenue of publication and advise them on ways to improve their manuscripts, write exemplary book proposals, and build their platforms. 


As a book proposal specialist, I write stunning proposals that land publishing deals. When a proposal leads to a full manuscript, I continue working with my authors as a ghostwriter—turning hours of in-depth interviews or other raw materials into a compelling, high-quality manuscript. I channel my experience, passion, and care into my clients’ development, stories, and messages. 


In my spare time, I love to escape and reset in speculative fiction and urban fantasy. A runner at heart, I can also be found running the trails through the Santa Cruz Mountains. More recently, I’ve been getting my kicks (literally!) from my new love: kickboxing.

Born in Australia, I now call Northern California home, where the sunshine and coastline are balm to my soul.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about what brings you to my website.

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Sally Collings Book Ghostwriter

About You

Let me make some guesses about what brings you here.
I figure at least one of the following statements is true:
  • You are an expert in your field, either through your professional track record or with the authority of research and personal experience combined with previous writing or speaking.

  • You have a strong message, but you need an accomplished writing partner to transform your message into a compelling book.

  • You may not consider yourself the best writer—or even a writer at all—so you are looking for a ghostwriter to put your words on the page.

  • You don’t want to simply hand your book project over to someone else—you’re looking for a true collaborator.

  • You need someone who can cut through the chaos of too many directions, ideas, and stories and allow the message to shine.

  • You are planning to pitch to literary agents but need a specialist to help prepare your book proposal.

  • You know that in the hyper-competitive publishing world, average just won’t cut it—and you want to rise above the competition.

If one or more of these statements are true for you, that makes you the kind of person I most enjoy working with, as I can bring expertise, care, and value to your book manuscript or proposal. Together, we’ll make a great writing team.

I also offer special services for neurodivergent authors, specifically those with ADHD. These authors’ creative strengths are paired with distinct challenges in executive functioning, attention deficits, or mood regulation.

In partnership with Autumn Jade Monroe, I provide solutions and a writing method tailored to each author’s work style.
Sally Collings Book Ghostwriter
My Team

All my collaboration projects are booked via my agent Cindi Davis-Andress at Pastorini-Bosby Talent. In keeping with the talent agency business model, her focus is matching artists with opportunities. The PBT literary wing doesn’t place books with publishers or supply writers for short-form content. Instead, they’ve curated a small pool of stellar ghostwriters with proven book-writing chops in a variety of genres. 


Suzanne Stroh.jpeg

¨ I enjoyed every minute of work with Sally Collings. She is a seasoned business writer, but I hesitate to box her in with that label … Sally is among the best … an excellent interviewer and a great storyteller who can find the crux in almost any story. I can only congratulate her next client for having the good sense and discernment to bring her aboard. ¨


– Suzanne Stroh, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

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