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Sally Collings Pricing


Choose me to write your book proposal or develop your manuscript, and here’s what you get. 

One-on-one collaboration with a book proposal and development specialist. 


As many conversations, emails, and texts as it takes to create an exceptional proposal or manuscript. 


Access to some of the finest line editors and proofreaders in the industry, professionals I have personally vetted and culled from the thousands hawking their wares on the internet.


Regular updates on our progress. 


Perhaps best of all, I’ll deliver to you a stellar book proposal or manuscript—within our agreed budget and deadline.

Right around now, you probably want to know what this will cost you.

Every client, every project is different, so I don’t set a fixed price for writing or developing a book proposal or manuscript.
Instead, let me show you some client scenarios to give you a sense of not only what the price tag is, but what value I deliver.

  • Three book proposals: in the past 12 months I've written 3 book proposals that drew offers from one or more literary agents within a month of submission. My standard fee for writing a book proposal (including sample chapters) is $22,000.

  • A prominent surgeon’s book: he considered taking a sabbatical to write it, but the professional cost of stepping away from his practice was too great. He paid me $12,000 per month to work with him and has now fulfilled his long-held dream of authoring a published book.

  • A social entrepreneur’s memoir: in the 2 years since publication, 10,000 copies have been sold. Or to put it another way, 10,000 people and their friends and family are now fully invested in the mission of her organization, emotionally and financially. My fee was $95,000—$9.50 spend per new supporter. 

  • Need an in-depth review of your book proposal draft, or guidance on your book concept? You can work with me on an hourly basis, taking just as much of my time as you need to answer your questions, review your materials, and set a course for your publishing success.  I charge $2,000 for blocks of ten hours.


Every client and their book is unique, so contact me to find out more about packages and pricing.


I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you're in the area, give me a shout and let's meet for coffee.


If we can’t swing a face-to-face meeting, just shoot me an email about your project, or click on the link to message me now. Really, what do you have to lose?

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