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Finding creative focus in the midst of chaos

Today I want to tip you off to a couple of very timely webinars from the good folks at Gotham Ghostwriters. (Disclaimer: I’m one of Gotham’s stable of writers.)

The first one is for those of us who have way more time to write now than ever, and yet are finding it SO HARD to string together a page, a paragraph, or even a sentence. It really is hard to be creative at times like these.

First, cut yourself some slack. And second, watch this webinar. Gotham Ghostwriters' creative writing lead and #author Morgan Baden leads a discussion with Nicola Kraus, #1 international bestselling co-author of The Nanny Diaries, and Nisha Sharma, award-winning author of YA and contemporary romance. You’ll get practical tips on how to home in on your creative priorities.

The second webinar is From Thought Leader to Successful Author: How to use this unusual time to produce a rewarding book and expand your platform. If you ARE motivated to get your #book project up and running right now, this is the webinar for you.

Since the pandemic has forced so many of us into work from home mode, a lot of experts in their field are seeing this as an ideal time to focus on that book they have been meaning to write.

But many hurdles remain. To begin with, how do you get started? How do you get it to market? Most importantly, with so many would-be authors exploring the same terrain, how do you stand out?

To help make this challenge a little less daunting—and demystify the publishing process—Gotham Ghostwriters President Dan Gerstein and Thought Leadership Leverage CEO Peter Winick offer a primer on the best practices for bringing a value-adding book to life.

If you’re working on your #nonfiction book or book proposal at home right now, tell me where you’re stuck. If I can help get you unstuck with a tip or a link, I will. Just email me at


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