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How do you write a successful nonfiction book?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel confident in your ideas and your ability to reach your reader when you sit down to write?

Wouldn’t you love to make timely progress through your manuscript, or write a clear and compelling first draft?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have two experienced editors and ghostwriters—of NYT and WSJ bestsellers—help you develop your nonfiction book, step by step?

Over the past year, I’ve been creating a self-paced course with my good friend and ghostwriter extraordinaire, Lari Bishop. It’s called How to Write a Successful Nonfiction Book, and it offers online coaching to help you write better, faster, and with more confidence. (And who doesn’t want that??)

With each lesson, we will work to make your writing process easier and your decisions clearer. We’ll help you feel less overwhelmed and more focused.

In this course, Lari and I will give our best advice on:

  • Getting to know your readers

  • Developing a clear message and a compelling promise

  • Discovering your authentic author persona and writer’s voice

  • Structuring your ideas and creating an outline you can actually use

  • Writing engaging and impactful content!

These are the same elements we tackle with every book we write—and that editors and agents want to see. In their enthusiasm to dive into writing, many authors skip over the essentials, and it shows. But when you cement them early in your writing process, the benefits are huge.

All the most important writing decisions you need to make are here, and we’ll guide you through them.

What will you get with this course?

  • 16 detailed video or audio lessons, most with both of us in conversation

  • An incredible workbook and guide—in Google Doc or Microsoft Word format—with the exercises we use with our clients and robust guides to the ideas we share in the lessons

  • Lifetime access to the course, to use with your next book and the one after that

  • Access to an online writers’ group where you can find peer support from authors like you, occasional expert interviews, and more

  • A money-back guarantee in the first 30 days if you decide you just aren’t learning enough or getting access to enough resources to make it worth it, all through your Teachable account portal. No questions, no hassle.

Lari and I are both editors, ghostwriters, and coaches who have written more than 50 books between us and coached authors through many, many more. In this course, we share our decades of experience producing successful nonfiction books to help you do the same.

You can find out more and enroll in the course here.

And please, do pass the word around. Know someone who has been working on a nonfiction book, or is planning to make a start this year? This course might be just what they are looking for.


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