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What’s an Author Platform?

For first-time authors, there is one topic that can feel overwhelming at first but is absolutely necessary when it comes to connecting with your readers. It’s also essential when you are pitching your book concept to literary agents and publishers.

I’m talking about Author Platform.

From social media to speaking at live events, there are so many exciting ways to go about building your platform, so let’s get to it!

What exactly is “author platform” anyway? The truth is, the term “author platform” means different things to different people.

If you hit Google to look for a clear definition, you’ll find hundreds of different interpretations for platform. Here is one quote that I’ve found useful.

An ability to sell books because of who you are or who you can reach.

—Jane Friedman

This is my favorite definition. It’s succinct and catches the sense that your platform isn’t all about YOU—it’s also about the people you are connecting with.

The three main “planks” that comprise author platform are:

Online Presence - What you’re doing on the web

In-person Activities - What you’re doing IRL (in real life)

Media Coverage - Who’s talking about you

Platform is the foundation under your book. It could be YOU, but it also fans out. It’s any way you OR your topic get eyeballs. For example, if you’re writing about eating disorders, your platform is the websites on that topic and the communities around them as well as the headlines and the people demonstrating interest. It’s all the ways readers are already showing up to hear about your topic. And, of course, how you participate on those platforms.

Your platform is all the people holding you up. When it comes to building an author platform, you could say you’re collecting people!

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